Upcoming reality shows to audition for 2010

Written By Steps To Faculty Published August 23rd, 2010

Reality television has taken the world by storm. From American Idol to Top Chef reality television is here to stay. If you have hidden talents that you would like to showcase or if you are looking for some fun (and some extra cash and recognition) consider becoming a participant on a reality show. Many shows have some restrictions on age limit, but there are so many shows out there that you should be able to find one that highlights your talents.

Step 1 Be a millionaire

Who wants to be a Millionaire is now casting for the upcoming season. The show is an exciting game show where you will be challenged slightly, but in a cheerful spirit. With the audience cheering you on, you can have a chance to earn hundreds and thousands of dollars. Even if you don;t win the jackpot an become the next millionaire, you still get many gift packages for being a spectator.

Step 2 Drink wine

Terra Fossil Wines (reality television) is also now looking for contestants to try out different wines and guess their year and brand on their successful show. Located on the food channel, this is a great opportunity if you don;t have a specific talent and do not want extreme exposure.

Step 3 Be America’s next It girl

Are you a young lady under the age of 30? Do people tell you that you have what it takes to be the next it girl? Try out for the hit show America’s Next It Girl. Each season several contestants are challenged and voted upon based on their wit and beauty. The winner gets a million dollars and also national recognition.

Step 4 Dance

Former American Idol judge Paula Abdul is now looking for contestants to be on her new CBS dance reality show. The grammy winning singer and choreographer has proven that she has telent and wants to judge the talent of others. Similar in format to So you Think you Can Dance, Paula’s show will be a proven hit already as there is buzz. Join her show if you dare and let America see you move.

Step 5 Get more information

There are too many reality shows here to mention, but there is a little something for everyone. Go to realitywanted.com to find the latest casting calls from directors on erality television. Thre is also a section where you can chat with other reality stars and get the latest buzz about new shows and reality television standards.

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