Steps to little known jobs available for disabled people

Written By Steps To Faculty Published September 7th, 2010

Did you know that only 3 in 10 persons with disabilities is employed? With a 70% rate of unemployment according to the US State Department of Labor, the disabled are having a tough time. But there is help and hope. There are vocational rehabilitation services in all 50 states that can help provide you will the skills necessary to succeed in today’s tough market. These services include helping to land you a position. After you give this a try there are other methods you can use to get a job and even placement agencies designed to help the disabled. Take a look.

Step 1 Consider the government

The federal government is the biggest supporter of providing jobs for the disabled. In fact, did you know that the Internal Revenue Service hired thousands of disabled individuals and let them telecommute on a regular basis? Yes, in 2005, the IRS hired nearly 30,000 disabled applicants for at home customer service positions. In fact, the federal government job databank has a special section for the disabled to use in their job search to seek out jobs that are reserved for them. Find such jobs at

Step 2 Get support

There are several nonprofit agencies out there that provide help to the disabled looking for work. Their main function is to place the disabled in positions and internships and provide support as you transition in the job. Try and also the American Association of People with Disabilities ( for an exhaustive list of opportunities.

Step 3 Search

You don’t need to go out and find employers willing to hire you in the private sector. Try, a job search portal that lets employers find you. Upload your resume to complete a profile. From there agents and employers can search for you based on your experience and education. This portal is specifically designed for the disabled.

Step 4 Lift yourself

Lift, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that serves as a bridge between disabled technology professionals and businesses. Lift provides skills based training to the physically and mentally challenged and then offers direct placement in a job in the technology field. Most of the positions are those, such as web design or database management, that can be done from home. Visit today.

Step 5 Telecommute

The National Telecommuting Institute ( is another nonprofit organization that helps to place disabled workers in functional positions that involve telecommuting. Typical jobs include customer service and medical transcription for government hospitals. Visit to look for positions.

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