Steps to Raise Capital for an Existing Business

Written By Steps To Faculty Published September 7th, 2010

In today’s economic landscape, you have to be prepared for the worst if you are a business owner. Now when we talk about the worst, what we mean is times when money is short and you have to make do with what you have. Sometimes, the answer to your money woes may not seem so obvious. When this is the case, you may want to try one or several of these methods for raising capital for your existing business.

Step 1 Pre-sell Some of Your Items or Services

If you have been in business for some time, then chances are that you have developed a loyal customer base. Now is your time to count on them to count on you. Have them pay you up front for products that have not come in stock yet, or services that you will soon be able to deliver. Your customers will consider this a reservation, and for you it will be advanced money.

Step 2 Know that Your Budget isn’t Written in Stone

If you are having trouble raising enough money to keep your business going, then chances are that you have money somewhere else. You may have to do some moving around. If you know you have money coming in, you will be safe pulling from various areas that you can soon replace.

Step 3 Borrow Money

No one wants to have to borrow money, but sometimes it’s necessary. If it’s a small amount, you can get a short term loan. If it’s a large amount, you may want to see what the local bank can do for you.

Step 4 Hold a Contest

This will only work if you already have a steady stream of customers. You can get your products or services selling pretty quickly if you feature a raffle or giveaway that offers a gift or treat that your customers will want to try to win.

Step 5 Hold a Fundraiser

This isn’t the traditional way that businesses raise money, but if you have a dedicated customer base that doesn’t want to see you go out of business, this may be a great way to get them to come together and help you out of a dark period. Remember that you provide your customers a service they may really depend on.

Sell Your Personal Items if you have to. This is probably going to be a last resort for many business owners, but if you really need a little bit of cash quickly, this can be a great way to make that money without having to owe anyone a cent. If you are looking for places to sell your personal items, then you should certainly start with the internet. Please visit for more great business

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