Steps to the best gifts for your boss’ birthday

Written By Steps To Faculty Published September 7th, 2010

The workplace can be considered your home away from home. However, the rules that govern the workplace can make your employer stand at attention when you attempt to celebrate their birthday the same way you would a friend or relative. The gift you give to others denotes a great deal about how you think, feel, and value the other person. Think about the last gift you received from a friend. Was the gift unique, handcrafted, or just a last minute idea? How did you feel?

Gifts can really enhance professional and personal relationships. They can also destroy them if not given in the proper context. Your boss determines your future at your work. Given the current economic situation at the time of this writing your boss can be considered your lifeline right now. On his or her birthday, give a gift that shows how much you value your working relationship while maintaining your professional decorum. Here’s how.

Step 1 Be neutral

When in doubt give a gift card for about $50. Although there has been talk about giving gift cards as they decline in value after a month, by selecting a standard card you can avoid this dilemma. You can also consider a gift card to a nearby eatery that you know your boss frequents. Try

Step 2 Bake

If your boss is more lenient than stern you can always bake a cake or some cookies. You can also purchase this at your local supermarket bakery. Your bosses’ birthday is one that can be shared when everyone in the office enjoys home baked goodies. Be conservative on the ingredients though. No nuts or wheat just in case.

Step 3 Puzzle your boss

Nothing says creative like an executive toy, such as a stress ball or colorful figurine. Check out for great and inexpensive gift ideas.

Step 4 Write

If your boss is more on the conservative side or if you work in a conservative industry such as accounting, your gift should reflect this. Try giving an inexpensive pen set from Your boss will think of you every time they write with it.

Step 5 Be thoughtful and inexpensive

A box of candy or taffy is always a good gift idea. Everyone usually enjoys such gifts and by giving candy to your boss it shows that you thought of him or her. Try

Remember, a gift says a thousand thoughts. Please visit for more great business advice.

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