Creative ways to network market in your neighborhood

Written By Steps To Faculty Published September 9th, 2010

During these challenging economic times, you need to be creative to network market in your neighborhood. Whether you are hosting a Tupperware party or just promoting your regular business, reaching out to the masses begins with your community. There are creative ways to network market through inexpensive means. For example, you can talk to members of your local fire department and request that they spread the word about you while you sponsor them for under $200. Take a look at some other interesting ways to network market in your local neighborhood.

Step 1 Participate in games

The local schools and colleges in your area are great places to meet neighbors and distribute your business card. You can also network market yourself. Generally other parents and onlookers work in companies that can use what you have to offer. Be sure to begin with small talk when relating to people so that you do not appear to be giving a “sales pitch.” You can weave in information about what you do and what you business does within the conversation.

Step 2 Join forces

Talk to local grocers and ask if you can place your fliers in their checkout aisles and in the entrance and exit ways along with local community papers. Everyone needs to eat and thus you will have ample viewership for your business.

Step 3 Stand out

If someone were to hand you a business card on a regular piece of paper would it leave a mark in your mind? No. If you network market yourself you need to stand out from the crowd and from other businesses. How? By being creative, you can leave a lasting mark and even create a curiosity in your neighborhood about you and your business. For example, for little money you can add balloons at the stand where your flier is in a grocery store or other nearby establishments to really stand out from other papers and fliers. Use colorful neon paper when printing fliers to also be different.

Step 4 Ask for help

You can also enlist the help of family and friends to spread the word about your business at their places of work. Many nonprofits do this when they are seeking sponsorships. YOu know, when your coworker asks for some money to help his child’s little league raise money and you buy the overpriced candy bars. Same here, except there is no candy. Promote yourself at the games you attend and ask others to spread the word.

Step 5 Go outdoors

For less than $60 you can get an outdoor banner with your business information printed on it that can be shown at various local concerts, block parties and other community events. You can also even donate your product to your radio station and they will promote you and help you network market, while you sponsor them for under $250.

Remember, you need to get out there to network market. Please visit for more great business.

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