Networking tips and secrets when at events

Written By Steps To Faculty Published September 9th, 2010

Networking can seem like an onerous task especially at events, but this is also the time to make great contacts and promote your business. While at an event, your main focus should be about the impression that you leave on others. You do not want to attend an event and leave a bad impression or be quickly forgotten. You want those that you speak to you to maintain a positive memory of you now and in the future. If you are putting so much effort into networking at an event, you also want to benefit from such exertion. You not only represent yourself but also your firm. The impact that you have can be detrimental or extremely fruitful depending upon how you approach the situation. Here are some tips to help leave a great impression at any event you decide to network.

Step 1 Start small

You may think that idle chit chat is meaningless. But the opposite is true. Using small talk helps to break the ice and delve into deeper conversation. Walk to a group or a single person and talk about the topic of the event that yu are attending. Mention that the turnout is good or that the weather is great (or bad if it is snowy or rainy). Start with anything common and build from there. Small talk leads to introductions.

Step 2 Avoid rude guests and closed groups

There are always rude people out there, but that does not mean you need to entertain them. Rude attendees will not get you too far and will not say anything good about you. Avoid them altogether or excuse yourself quickly. In like manner, if two, three, or four people are conversing and appear to be uninviting, do not approach. You will not get too far. Find a single person or an open group to begin.

Step 3 Listen

Any good journalist will advise you that when you are conversing with a person for the first time you should engage in conversation but also listen to the response of the other person. By doing so, you will get clues as to how to ask other questions. For example, suppose you are at an event and meet a professional interested in the export business. By listening to them discuss their plans to engage in the business or if they discuss with you the state of the business, you can learn what will help your business by offering services that can relate to the export business.

Step 4 Follow up

After you have made contacts at the event, you need to follow up no later than the next day by calling the people or sending them an email. Remember, the ultimate goal is not only to leave a positive impression, but to show interest and forge a useful professional camaraderie. The contacts you have made will be beneficial for you in the future and you need to keep your name fresh in their minds.

Step 5 Remember special landmarks

If your contacts tell you it is their birthday, by all means send them a little token. During the holiday season, send them a card. Try to stay in touch with your new found contacts at least once per quarter or at the very least once every six months. Remembering special landmarks like anniversaries or birthdays and the holiday season are the best ways to do this.

Remember to be polite when interacting with anyone as this person can the determining factor to make or break your business. Please visit for more great business.

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