Steps to Purchasing a Domain (URL) For Your Small Business

Written By Steps To Faculty Published September 9th, 2010

If you are ready to bring your small business to the internet, then you know that the first thing you need to do is get a website. In all honesty, designing a website is a lot of work, but if you put your mind to it and you are disciplined then you should be able to accomplish your goals. We understand, however, that getting started can be a little overwhelming. For this reason, you will want to look at a few basic steps. Here are a few steps to get you started.

Step 1. Know what you want

You are first going to want to think about the kind of website you want. This doesn’t mean that you have to sit and down and design the whole thing right away. Before you choose a host, however, you are going to want to decide if you want a simple site or a more complicated site. This is going to depend largely on the goals of your business.

Step 2. Choose a host

Next, you will want to choose a host. You can start by typing “web hosts” in the search bar. This will bring up a number of different results. This is why the first step required you to think about the website you want. This will help to narrow down your choices.

Step 3. Think price

You will next want to consider price. Keep in mind that there are some free and simple blogs that many professionals use because they can look really good. The problem or drawback with these blogs, such as WordPress, is you are limited in terms of what you can do with them. Most hosts are going to allow you different options in terms of space and payment. You will need to decide for example, if you will be paying on a yearly basis, or if you want to be good to go for years to come. This depends on the stability of your operation, as well as the funds you have at the moment. Most hosts will allow you to change your payment options throughout the duration of your subscription.

Step 4. Select a domain name

Once you choose a host that will serve your purposes, you are going to need to find a domain name. Most hosts will allow you to search on their pages before you even purchase your domain. Make sure you find a name that fits your business. This is so your customers will be able to find you. Try for a list of available names.

Step 5. Purchase the URL that works best for you.

This is just like buying any product or service online. You enter the payment information and press purchase. Most hosts will give you detailed instructions, since all hosts operate differently.

It’s that simple. Get started today. Please visit for more great business.

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