Steps to Using Quicken on the Computer for Business and Personal Finances

Written By Steps To Faculty Published September 9th, 2010

If you are trying to get your personal finances in order or if you are trying to get your business off the ground, you are going to find that Quicken may be the perfect solution. This program will allow you to see your budget. It will allow you to categorize your payments and understand exactly what kind of numbers you are dealing with. If you have just started using Quicken, or if you are thinking about starting, then you may find these tips helpful.

Step 1 Get Started as Quickly as Possible

The truth is that Quicken won’t be able to help you create a budget right away. You will have to manually start your budget and begin to enter the income you are making and the payments you need to make. After a while, you will get a better sense of what your budget looks like. The important point to remember is to not wait until the last minute.

Step 2 Plan ahead

Get started with Quicken early to head off any potential financial disasters in the future. Don’t wait until you are already in the hole.

Step 3 Record Everything

Remember that Quicken is not designed to help you have a better budget, or to make you feel better about your finances. Look at the program as being simply a record keeper. Your money is your money, regardless of which financial software you are using. This means that if you don’t record the payments you need to make, the budget you create on Quicken is not going to help you very much.

Step 4 Have Colleagues or Advisers to Help You

If you are a business owner, then you understand that money can get pretty complicated. You will have so much coming and going that you can’t be expected to keep track of it all by yourself. This means that you will need advisers, colleagues, or even friends take a look at the Quicken program with you to make sure that you are not leaving out any vital information. The key to successful business budgeting is thinking ahead.

Step 5 Avoid fear of Subcategories

This goes for individual finance and for business finance. You can do some pretty complicated things with Quicken, and if you are not familiar with all of the features, then you may feel a little overwhelmed. The truth is that Quicken allows you to create subcategories with which you can break up your budget into different chunks. This is really how the program is most helpful, so if you are feeling a little intimidated by all of the features, don’t be afraid to get a little help.

Remember, it is better to plan ahead and carefully monitor your finances from day one. Please visit for more great business.

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