The Right Steps To Start Up Or Grow Your Business

Written By Gary Spirer Published September 10th, 2010

The Right Steps To Grow Your Business – Like Championship Points – Make All The Difference

A recent Wall Street Journal article points out that tennis players’ skill level has dramatically improved.

A match for 3 or 4 hours can be decided by just 2 or 3 key points.

Like in business, it all comes down to conversions. In tennis, it’s winning the key set points – break points – termed pressure points.

As the title of the WSJ article says – “It’s all about Pressure Points as the gap between the elite slims; matches come down to a handful of moments.”

Facts stated in the article: There were 20% more tie breakers played in Grand Slams of the 2000s than in the 1980s.

What can we take away from this beyond tennis or other sports where similar increases in skills has made competition fierce and players increasingly similar in abilities.

There are two schools of thought:
1. The “Blink” school says you can’t think; ignore the scoreboard and play each point individually according to a game plan (Dutch coach Aud Zwaan).
2. The “Thought” school says, keep the score in mind at all times and figure out how to win points that matter most (Patrick McEnroe).

Mr. Nadal, who wins the most crucial points, goes on attack more than anyone else on the big points.

Patrick McEnroe states further, “The more that’s at stake, the more a better player will figure out a way to use his best option…This game penalizes players who don’t have full confidence at crunch time.”

So, what does this mean for your business (and life)?

Here are some steps to consider:
1.Be willing to prepare and practice deliberately

– studies show that the best high performers undergo “deliberate practice” which is preparing and practicing intensely, including the hard shots.

2.Get a teacher/mentor

– The best are tutored and taught by those that push them to prepare and practice the right way.

3. Rely on your gut (intuition)

– By preparing and practicing, the best can react and still win the big points or make the best decisions – the Blink camp.

4.Keep score. Think strategically

– Likewise, the best also keep score and weigh the odds strategically to make the best strategic bet.

5. Put in the hours

– Research shows that the top performers – Mozart, Picasso, Tiger Woods – practice deliberately 10,000 hours and reach their ability to perform at the highest level after 10 years.

6. Be willing to invest your time and not quit

– You have to come to the realization that talent alone will not get you there. Talent plus knowledge plus learning the rights skills will.

7. Match your talent and your passion

– Understand, the majority of people are mismatched. They hate what they are doing. Yet, they keep doing it, not realizing with the same effort they could be doing what they want.

In the end, it comes down to risk. Will you make the leap of faith and invest your time, money and resources to learn the right sequences, processes and steps to win the pressure points in business and life that make all the difference?

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