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Written By Steps To Faculty Published September 17th, 2010

Starting your own business can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to start. Any new business has overhead expenses as a result of spending on essentials needed to get the business up and running. As a new business owner you need to have low cost products that can really stretch your dollar as you have many overhead costs right now. Plus you need certain essentials that can last for the next two years or so and reduce your payroll costs, given the recent addition of payroll taxes across the nation, which has caused many businesses to close. The following is a list of business must haves that will not set you back more than $600, but can last you a good two to three years and reduce your operational and employee expense costs.

Step 1 Multitask

The inception of any business is hectic. You will need to be able to manage several tasks at once. But too often you have good ideas in your head but don’t have time to get them typed up or written down. That is until now. Invest in Dragon Naturally Speaking software available at The program auto-types documents as you dictate through a special headset and also an operate basic programs such as an email client. The cost of this program runs between $40 – $60.

Step 2 Keep vendor lists and customer lists in order

As you accrue customers and suppliers you need to be able to keep a track of them so that you can maintain regular contact with them. You can download Constant Contact at for $99 or you can obtain the higher cost software version of ACT! for $250 at or The software works with Microsoft Office 2007 and also have a statistical section that allows you to perform key analysis on data to trend.

Step 3 Organize financial records

From day 1 you will need software or an online program that aids in all of your accounting and financial reporting for tax purposes and to monitor your revenues and costs. Quickbooks is the standard for online accounting and can be found at

Step 4 Protect your business

Like any other operation, computer security is of the utmost importance these days given the increase incidents of hacking and network intrusions. In addition to your basic firewall, you should invest in McAfee anti-virus software, the most dependable anti virus software for computers. The most recent version even has anti-spyware protection and a firewall and only costs $30 at or

Step 5 Send large document without trouble

WINRAR is a great software tool that lets you send and receive multiple documents or very large ones (over 50 Mb) with easy through compression technology. Considered the standard for document compression, WINRAR can be found at for $30.

Remember some essentials are long lasting and reduce other expenses. Please visit for more great business advice.

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