Steps to measure your seo return on investment

Written By Steps To Faculty Published September 17th, 2010

Your business is up and running, but you need to attract more potential customers to your site. Starting your own business will require you to invest in search engine optimization at some point as this and online email marketing are the most effective means to promote your business and attract new clients. Search engine optimization seems profitable and simple on the surface, but a closer look reveals the needed steps to be sure you are correctly able to measure your SEO return on investment to maximize your dollar. Take a look.

Step 1 Check your ranking

The main purpose of SEO is to be number one (or at the top as they say) when a customer searches for a product on Google, Yahoo, or MSN. However, keep in mind that rankings are dynamic in nature and change based upon competition, the density of the industry and largely depend upon the selected keywords chosen for the campaign. If your ranking is not in the top 5, then more work will need to be done to increase your chances.

Step 2 Convert visitors to clients

When visitors enter your site, how many of them actually become clients or paying customers? This is commonly known as the conversion rate. Generally, SEO providers give you a figure whenever you check your SEO page statistics under conversion rate. You can also estimate it based upon total sales/unique traffic = x. Then estimated average sale price is divided into x and this result is multiplied by 100% to get the conversion percentage.

Step 3 See the return on investment

The return on investment (ROI) is the amount of return in excess of your initial investment. For example, if You spend $500 to get an SEO expert to increase your paying customers and you end up with a #3 ranking and $10,000 more in sales then you have made $9,500 on the $500 investment. Although SEO takes time, be sure to consider what the ROI is before proceeding.

Step 4 Try SEO experts

at you can try to see how SEO would work on your business. The firm works to help you get preliminary results in one week and lets you determine how much you are willing to spend. They shoot for a #1 ranking.

Step 5 Find tools

Google Analytics at is a great tool that provides detailed real time statitical information about your site and about the customer that actually convert to paying clients.

REmember, SEO is useful in getting visiting customers into paying clients, but can be a costly method if attempted without a SEO professional found at Please visit for more great business advice.

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