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Written By Steps To Faculty Published September 17th, 2010

Twitter is a wonderful online communication network that enables you to keep up to date with celebrities, friends, distant family members, and with other businesses and customers. However, Twitter, like many other social media, can also guzzle up a great deal of your time, which in turn can negatively affect your starting your own business and your personal life. They key is to balance your time on Twitter while managing all other areas of your life when you are starting your own business. Here’s how.

Step 1 Look at your time

Take a piece of paper and literally write down all 24 hours in the day in on column. You can also use an Excel spreadsheet if you would like a multi-day table. In the other column, write down the activities that you would normally do during each of those times. Also include the hours that you spend on Twitter. The next day, look at how your time is spent. When you realize that you are spending more than 2 hours per day on Twitter, you have become addicted and this is affecting your starting your own business.

Step 2 Establish a goal

Now that you see where your time is going, set up some goals for each day, week, and month. What needs to be done as you are starting you own business. What tasks need to be accomplished and what steps need to be taken to complete each task. As you break everything down, it will be clear how you should proceed.

Step 3 Schedule your time

After finishing step 2, write down in each hourly time slot how your time is being spent. Which tasks need to be completed when? Once you see the steps needed in starting your own business and balancing family life, then you can allot time for Twitter afterward so nothing is compromised.

Step 4 Use free time

Anywhere there is free time block it for your Twitter usage. Do not forgo sleep, but use your discretion when allotting Twitter time.

Step 5 Evaluate Twitter time

When you are using Twitter you should first focus on communicating with customers and posting valuable content before chatting with family and friends. Also, You should prioritize searching for other businesses to partner with over family and friends. You want to maximize your time on and off Twitter.

Enjoy Twitter, but also be productive. Please visit for more great business advice.

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