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Written By Steps To Faculty Published September 17th, 2010

The days of the Rolodex are out. Not too long ago, business card and other contact information about your clients were stored in a device called a Rolodex, which was a circular card holder that sat on the edge of a secretary’s desk. Today, mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad and even PDAs have all but eliminated the need for the Rolodex. But like many other industries technology has enabled us to organize our existing stack of business cards. Take a look at what you can use to get better organized and keep in touch with those that may help your business flourish.

Step 1 Get an app

Business Card Organizer available at is an app for your iPhone that let’s you enter in business card information and it stores it for your review at a later time. This tool is useful when you have a great number of associates and need to keep in touch constantly with your associates.

Step 2 Be Neat

Get the Neat Receipt Business Card Scanner and Organizer, available at device is simple to use. Simply scan in the business card and select the management program you wish to store the information. That’s it. The device organizes it, stores, it in alphabetical order or by order of importance.

Step 3 File them in a database

If you use a PC a lot you can file your business cards electronically through a contact program such as Microsoft Outlook or ACT! You can even customize the database using Microsoft Access so you can data mine depending upon the number of contacts you have.

Step 4 Get IRISCARd

IRISCARD is a tool found at that easily allows you to scan and even record information contained on the actual business card. You can even take a snapshot of the business card holder and store the photo also if you choose.

Step 5 Consider Goldmine

Goldmine is a popular contact management software that allows you to perform a unique search by last name, business type, location, and even profession. For example, if you enter the name on the business card as Joe Smith and attorney. You can search and him by Smith, Joe, or attorney. This comes in handy when you have hundreds of business cards and need to get in touch with a specific professional or person right away.

Remember, keep in touch with everyone whose business card you have. You never know where your next ally may come from. Please visit for more great business advice.

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