Steps to outsource your small business’ publicity needs

Written By Steps To Faculty Published September 17th, 2010

Starting your own business is exhilarating. Now that everything is in order and you are ready to take off you realize that you need some publicity. Of course publicity is free when you do it yourself either through online programs, such as or through special software programs, such as Microsoft. But if you don’t have enough time to devote to publicizing your business or don’t feel comfortable doing it, then you should consider outsourcing the task. Take a look.

Step 1 Research

Before getting caught up with starting your own business and getting your products rolled out, you will need to get a media release written up first so that it can be distributed to the public. The first thought that you may have when starting your own business is to hire a media company at But if your bill is over $500 for a paragraph or two about your firm, then you may not be getting a good deal. Research each company carefully to find out what they have to offer and their success rate in turning media releases into actual paying customers.

Step 2 Get references

As an extension of step 1, ask the media companies for the list of customers that they have helped. Contact some of these customers. Really find out how effective the company is before paying a penny to them.

Step 3 Contact the other businesses

Contact some of these customers. Really find out how effective the company is before paying a penny to them. Get their opinion on the media firm and seek their opinion on better media companies if their recommendation is negative.

Step 4 Get a copywriter

A cheaper alternative to hiring a media company is to get a copywriter for about $50 per hour at and have them write up a media release on your behalf. The copywriter can then put out your media release as part of the payment. In exchange you will have excellent ad copy that can generate into paying customers.

Step 5 Join the club

Startup Nation has a special offer to help you with starting your own business and to get your name out there. Through a special partnership, by joining the famous biz magazine at
you can get free discounts and help in getting a pr firm to get your set up. It is work checking this out as it is part of the President’s plant to boost small businesses and can save you over $2,000 in actual outsourcing costs.

Remember, public relations is complex, but by outsourcing the task you can gain new customers. Please visit for more great business advice.

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