Steps to Build Your Business Without Competing on Price

Written By Steps To Faculty Published September 18th, 2010

If you are starting your own business, you may be wondering how you can compete in overly saturated markets without competing on price. Many small businesses make the mistake of trying to win over fickle customers who have no qualms about shopping wherever prices are lowest. The key is to attract and keep loyal customers. Here is how to build your business without starting a war you cannot win.

Step 1. Win over your customers with good customer service

Instead of trying to build a company so obviously focused on the bottom line that it ignores its customers, make your customers feel special. It is better to be the “small team that cares” because customers will be willing to pay higher prices in order to be treated well. A key component of this strategy is establishing a personal connection with customers. If your business is small enough, get to know your regulars and introduce them to your team members.

Step 2. Sell quality products

The way most businesses sell cheap products is by compromising on quality. By combining good customer service with quality products, you will have an edge on the competition. Make sure your customers know the quality of the product and they will be willing to pay you a reasonable price. Starting your own business with this mindset will help you in the future.

Step 3. Sell a wide variety of products

The more products you sell, the less you need to worry about price wars. For example, if you sell red sheets, and everyone else sells red sheets, you will have a hard time making sales unless you have competitive prices. If, however, you not only sell sheets, but also towels and bath products, customers will be more likely to shop with you. Try to stock a wide variety of products when starting your own business.

Step 4. Boost your credibility by selling to a well-known organization or company

If you make a bulk sale to a well-known company in your field, be sure to let the world know. If you have that particular company’s permission, you can get them to give you a great testimonial. You can use this on your site or around your store. Not only will it increase your goodwill, but will also act as advertising for your company.

Step 5. Keep the lines of communication open

If your business is transparent, your customers will be more inclined to trust you. This is also a way to increase customer loyalty by making your business personal. Try sending your customers e-mails about your latest products, changes, or plans for the future. A blog is also a good way to let customers connect with you and your business.

Many stores have a card that gives customers special discounts. Why not add a reward points program? This allows customers to get special deals, discounts, or extra items with their points. It will make them feel special and could keep them coming back for more. As you can see, starting your own business does not mean you have to compete on price. Please visit for more great business advice.

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