Steps to Building a Saleable Business

Written By Steps To Faculty Published September 18th, 2010

Chances are you wanted to run your own business because you would like to retire early or have more freedom. However, this will not be possible unless you build a saleable business from the beginning. If you cannot sell your business, you will be stuck running it forever. Learn how to start a new business with the intent to sell in six easy steps.

Step 1. Make sure the business will run smoothly without you

Unless you plan to stick with your business forever, make sure that everything will run smoothly with or without you. In this case, being indispensable is not a good thing! Make sure you know how to start a new business that can run by itself. This will involve keeping records, training employees properly, and making sure customers are loyal to the company rather than to you.

Step 2. Document business processes

This is necessary for any large company, but it is something that some small business owners might forget. Try to document business procedures and write an operations manual if you can. This will allow your successor to step in quickly and easily.

Step 3. Keep accurate records

If all of your financial records are in your head, you will have nothing to show a potential buyer. Furthermore, you will leave your successor with potential legal entanglements and no sense of the company’s financial history or where it is headed. Hire a bookkeeper to keep track of everything if necessary, but get everything written down.

Step 4. Have all necessary licenses

Make sure you have all the licenses you need for software, business operation, and any proprietary processes. These should be easily transferable to the new owner and will make running the business easy for the buyer.

Step 5. Set up employment agreements with personnel

Learning how to start a new business takes time as it is. However, if you plan to sell sometime down the road, you will need to make sure your employees are protected no matter what. Setting up employment agreements with key personnel will allow you to rest easy after your business is sold. It will also ensure that your employees will stick around even if you leave.

Set up contracts with suppliers, customers, and distributors.You will need to set up written contracts with your suppliers, customers, and distributors if you are thinking of selling your business. A prospective buyer will want to see evidence that your business operations will continue smoothly once he or she takes over. The key to learning how to start a new business with intent to sell is to get everything in writing from the start. Please visit for more great business advice.

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