Steps to Business-to-Business (B2B) Sales

Written By Steps To Faculty Published September 18th, 2010

One of the most intimidating things new business owners face is how to tackle business-to-business sales successfully. However, if you are starting your own business this is a skill you will need to learn. Here are six steps to get you started.

Step 1. Make Cold Calls

In many cases, a business-to-business sale begins with a cold call. Cold calling is simply a call in which the recipient has no advance knowledge. This is intimidating for many reasons, but when it comes time to make your first call, take a deep breath and relax. The purpose of a cold call is not to actually sell anything, but rather to make an appointment or set up a future meeting. Rehearse beforehand if you are nervous.

Step 2. Give Presentations

After you set up a meeting, you should create an effective presentation that will hook your prospective customer. Remember, a PowerPoint presentation is just a visual aid. It should be the background to your speech, but should not contain so much information that the viewer is overwhelmed. Do not use so much text that your audience starts reading ahead. You want them to focus on you and what you are selling. Creating effective presentations is a key component of business, so if you are rusty, practice before starting your own business.

Step 3. Give Mover questions

So-called “mover” questions are used as icebreakers over the phone. You may want to practice these before you start cold calling. The idea is to encourage prospective clients to talk about themselves and their businesses. By asking questions and listening attentively, you can initiate conversation, make a good impression, and avoid awkward situations.

Step 4. Handle objections

You will rarely get a customer to say yes on the first try. Handling objections as they come up is a crucial skill. Make sure to listen to what your client is saying. Is what he or she saying a symptom of something else? Try to get your client to open up to you, and then answer the objection. If the customer agrees with your answer, you can move forward.

Step 5. Focus on the customer

Your customers want you to focus on their needs. If you do so, you are more likely to gain both initial sales and repeat business. Do not, under any circumstances, use your customers as guinea pigs or use technical jargon when it is not called for. Make sure to meet quality standards, deliver on time, and offer flexibility. Make sure you can satisfy customer needs before starting your own business.

There are some mistakes made by both rookies and veterans alike. Knowing what they are may help you avoid them as you begin your business-to-business sales plan. These include: not having a well-defined sales process, lack of development for sales team, lack of performance tracking, and lack of sales skills. Remember, practice makes perfect! Although the prospect of making business-to-business sales may be intimidating when starting your own business, the only way to improve your sales skills is to put them into practice. Please visit for more great business advice.

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