Tips To Use Trade Show Marketing Successfully

Written By Steps To Faculty Published September 18th, 2010

Trade show marketing can be an effective way to not only let consumers know about your business, but also talk to them directly. If done correctly, trade shows can boost exposure, hype, and reputation. However, there are several things you should do to have the best trade show experience. Here are five tips to trade show marketing.

Step 1. Exhibit at established trade shows

This may not apply if you are a large, established company. Small businesses, however, cannot afford to gamble. New trade shows could be a huge success, but, just as likely, no one will attend and you will lose money. Plan ahead and try to hit the biggest trade shows in your industry.

Step 2. Make sure your trade show staff is well trained

Your staff will need to be on their toes every second. Attendees will usually wander from booth to booth until they find one that catches their eyes. You only have a small window in which to act, so make every second count! Your staff should be extremely good at generating leads in a short time frame.

Step 3. Pick a show outside your comfort zone

As stated above, if you are a small business, you may not want to try this tactic. However, if your industry is extremely saturated, you might want to exhibit at a trade show that is unrelated to your product while still targeting the same demographic. The key to this is careful market research and plenty of planning.

Step 4. Contact leads right away

Do not wait until months after the show to contact new leads. Even the most excited attendee may have forgotten all about your company. Instead of waiting months, tell your trade show staff to call leads within a few weeks of the trade show. You can provide incentives or bonuses to motivate them to act quickly.

Step 5. Try being an attendee for a change

Sometimes it can be worth it to save some money and check out the competition. Of course, just because you are not planning on an exhibit does not mean that all you have to do is just walk around. If you can, try to get on a panel or see if the trade show is looking for a guest speaker. This is a great way to show off your expertise and advertise your business.

Create a big buzz. Hyping your company months before the show can really pay off. If possible, use the show as an advertising tool for new products or newly launched services. While you are at the event, do everything you can to be noticed. Try giveaways, charity events, or special presentations. This is your chance to make a lasting impression! Please visit for more great business advice.

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