Time to Start Up; Time to Quit

Written By Gary Spirer Published September 21st, 2010

At some point in your life, you need to make a decision to start up and go for your dream.

That means you have to quit the familiar, the safe, the so-called secure. Life is about the experience and the adventure.

It’s about dreaming the dream and going for it.

Five years ago, I faced some difficult personal decisions. I was in a business I really did not like. Burned out, I knew I had to leave. Exhausted, I had to face a new reality.

One of my cardinal rules is that as you live your life, you come to crossroads. Do you take the road traveled or the road less traveled?

I always take the road less traveled.


I look at my life and ask of myself the famous question: If not now, when?

And that’s what makes life so fascinating. I have always found that the experience of starting up and going on the road less traveled brings the experiences that make time an ally.

There is little boredom. There is little sense of freedom. Hey, I went for it. I played full out. Fewer regrets as I look back. This makes time work for you.

If, as I believe, that all life is an investment of your time, energy and resources, then the feeling that you explored, discovered and accepted yourself – however imperfectly – gives you a high rate of return on your investment.

Starting up is a youthful act. It’s like being a new born again. Yes, there are necessary losses. Things that time robs us of. True, there are things we can no longer do as we once did.

There is something bitter sweet in looking in the mirror feeling vibrant. Yet, the person looking back at you is a ghostly sketch of days gone by.

In the end, many of us come full circle. Our minds and bodies stumble and struggle like a new born and a toddler. Often, we start up and end up in a similar state.

Except, as William Blake wrote, there are Songs of Innocense and Songs of Experience.

If we have lived life well, then we reach a Christ-like state which blends youth (start up) and old age – innocense and experience – into their transformative spirit.

We are the best of both worlds – physical and spiritual. Time seems a mere measurement that pales against the eternal.

So, if you wonder whether to start up or quit, pause and reflect:

Admit to your dream.

Quit whatever you are doing, not matter how crazy it seems.

And start up.

And enjoy the ride into the realm of the eternal.

Roger Due

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