The Coming Divorce of America: Shock, Anger, Exhaustion

Written By Gary Spirer Published September 27th, 2010

There is a huge breakup in the works in America similar to the process of a divorce between two people.

Having gone through a divorce myself, it takes time to sort things out. That is what Americans are doing.

It’s hard to face the facts because:
1. Change is painful
2. Uncertainty yields tremendous anxiety
3. The familiar gives a sense of security
4. Breakups have costs – financial and otherwise

Here are some facts:
1. We are a debtor nation
2. We overspend, over-regulate, overtax
3. For decades, we have believed in free lunches – the government is a magical piggy bank
4. In Keynesian terms, you borrow away your problems
5. If you can’t borrow from others you print money
6. Politicians promise what you want to hear to get votes
7. Big interests get advantages because they can afford lobbyists, can contribute to campaigns and can deliver blocks of votes
8. This has resulted in huge defense budgets, junk food that leads to obesity, drugs, that often are unnecessary and bailouts that favor large financial interests
9. Americans are awakening to the fact that these great promises lead to less purchasing power, fewer jobs and squandered resources
10. Taxing the wealthy – although it sounds great – will produce less tax revenues and less jobs – proven statistics

The current administration is facing the Tea Party movement. Yes, there may be extremists in the Tea Party with not the best of backgrounds. But, in reality, and symbolically, the Tea Party represents the true American voice. It is a divorce in the making similar to Women’s Lib (the majority of Tea Partyers are women).

The administration mouthed change and hope. They believed they were given a mandate to run our lives. In fact, Americans, I believe, wanted a renewed American dream of guaranteed opportunity – not guaranteed outcome.

With high unemployment and high deficits, American is overburdened with too many people and institutions gaming the system. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are disasters. Artificially low interest rates are a sham. Banks resist lending when they can make simple spreads. Investors are trading and speculating to get a yield on their money.

Women are seeing bills piling up and their children’s future burdened by an out of control government engaging in crackpot economics. The Tea Party at its best represents a return to an entrepreneurial spirit. Big government as well as local politicians can’t just make up their own rules.

The original Tea Party was about taxation without representation and a divorce from England. Today’s Tea Party’s about the American way of life, the American Dream, without representation and a divorce from out own imperial government.

Roger Due

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