Steps to developing your business’ USP and why it matters

Written By Steps To Faculty Published September 30th, 2010

When you are starting your own business the thought of what your USP (unique selling proposition) may be. What is your USP? Your USP is simply your proposition to your customers to give them a reason to do business with you. This is essential as a marketing tool and for customer relations as it is the deciding factor when a customers has many vendors to select from and would like to pick the one that best serves their needs. Your business has a greater chance of being selected by your customers and even random customers when they understand what your business is really about and what they can expect from it. Take a look at how you can develop your firm’s USP.

Step 1 Give a reason why your company is better than your competitors

The best way to showcase your business is to give your customers a reason why you are unique or better than the competition. For example, think of AT&T networks or Verizon. For Verizon, their USP is Can you hear me? Yep. The commercial has the quality control rep all over the United States testing to ensure that Verizon has a low droppage rate. What does this translate into? When you get Verizon you can guarantee that you have 99.99% coverage of your phone in any part of the United States without worrying about droppage. This is essential since no one wants to be dropped in the middle of conversation due to some technological flaw. Hence Verizon is doing well because it has made this pledge to its customers. Think of your business and what you can do better than the rest.

Step 2 Make a promise

Make a promise to your customers about what you can offer. For example, Take Papa John’s pizza or Dominoes. Papa John’s pizza has a USP that it uses only the freshest ingredients and will deliver in 30 – 40 minutes guaranteed. In the mind of the customers, they can expect to get freshly made pizza with healthy ingredients within 40 minutes. People like things quickly and they are also health conscious. That these pizzerias are good choices for pizza. Think about what you can promise to your customers.

Step 3 Guarantee your product

Dominoes pizza took their USP a step further by noting that if your pizza is not delivered within 30 minutes, then it is free. Customers can expect free food if Dominoes does not deliver in half an hour. What can you guarantee in terms of delivery or quality of service to your customers? This will help make you USP more effective.

Step 4 Be consistent

Once you have considered what sets you apart and what you can guarantee over your competitors, you should begin by phrasing your USP. Remember, see what your competitors are using and see how you can stand apart from the crowd. Think of giants like Dominoes, Papa John’s, or Verizon. Each of these firms rise above competition because of their effective USP.

Step 5 Get free help

To get a free consultation (half hour) on how you can craft an effective USP, fill up the form at

Remember, USP is the way to go in business today. You can no longer use terms such as “We Care” or “We have been in business for twenty-seven years.” Please visit for more great business advice.

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