Steps to getting your home office paperwork under control

Written By Steps To Faculty Published September 30th, 2010

Starting your own business can be exciting, but often times you may find that office paperwork can easily get out of control. In fact a recent survey in Home Business Magazine indicated that may new business owners felt overwhelmed by all of the required paperwork generated from running a business. This paperwork includes tax filings, invoices, payroll, and even customer feedback. Although office paperwork cannot be fully eliminated, there are steps you can take when starting your own business that can ease the burden of office paperwork.

Step 1 Get neat

If your office is full of receipts you are saving for taxes, consider get NeatReceipt at The scanner allows you you to scan in all of your tax receipts. The tool organizes the receipts in the same tax categories used by the Internal Revenue Service. You can also customize it so download into your favorite management software for easy access.

Step 2 File

Although this may seem a bit old, but it is important to always have a paper copy of certain documents, such as your business license. An electronic copy may not suffice inthe event of computer outage or lost files. Hence investing in a filing cabinet at is a good way to keep your office paperwork in order.

Step 3 Scan

If you have sufficient administrative staff you can assign them the task of scanning office paperwork into digital files and then storing them on a DVD for retrieval at a later date. Scanning allows you to organize papers according to usefulness.

Step 4 Join the movement

At you can join the national document management center to request help in organizing your office paperwork. Their rates run from $10 for 100 papers to $1000 for office organization. Plus they can also help keep you in shape by offering organization tips.

Step 5 Outsource

When in doubt, you can always outsource the management of office paperwork to the professionals. To find a reputable firm near you try

Remember, office paperwork is an essential part of starting a business. Please visit for more great business advice.

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