Steps to lessen the affect of top home business distractions

Written By Steps To Faculty Published September 30th, 2010

Starting your own business is a wonderful time in any person’s life. It is also the most hectic time. Spending 15-20 hours per day to get your business off the ground is not uncommon. Having a successful start up requires full concentration and few distractions. But realistically, there will always be distractions around you either in your home or at the site of your new business. This holds true even if you are working alone or live solo. Why? Because phone calls, external environmental noises and factors contribute to everyday distractions that can break your focus. Here’s how to combat them effectively.

Step 1 Organize your time

For one day write down in a notebook the times that the phone calls are heaviest and when people are around you. If you have a home business and children, write down when they go to school and when they return home. When you review the times on the list hour by hour, then you can easily plan your day. For example, between 9 am to noon is a good time to get paperwork done or handle things that need thought. In the afternoon, in addition to the afternoon slump, children return from school and customers are calling you on the phone. Organize yourself accordingly.

Step 2 Learn to prioritize

The hard fact of business is that you can never really eliminate distractions only manage them. But that does not have to be an impediment. Did you know that many authors, such as Nobel prize winning Toni Morrison and Horror Master Stephen King, have also faced the challenges of writing and going to work everyday. How do they do it? They prioritize their goal. The goal is to get a book published for them. Thus they write a few pages each morning. Even on their commute to work, they have a notepad and are writing. In like manner, concentrate on the issues of your business even while doing mundane chores. Your goal is to have a profitable and long lasting business.

Step 3 Invest in a noise reduction tool and have devices known as noise reduction devices, which if turned on can reduce outside noise. They also serve to block anyone from listening in on your conversations also. This is a good security device to safeguard your private conversations and reduce unneeded sounds around your noisy environment.

Step 4 Get a baby sitter

If you have small children that do not attend school, arrange to have a babysitter watch them, preferably away from home so you can concentrate. Many local churches offer discounted daycare for children so you have time to work on your business.

Step 5 Eliminate temptation

If you are at home, there are many ways to get distracted. Frequent trips to the kitchen for food, television, the Internet, and even procrastination are the most common ways you can get distracted. But to succeed in your business you need to focus on what is important-your business. Remove if possible a television from your home office, keep food nearby, and get to work. If your business is a physical one, these distractions may not be as pronounced.

Remember, distractions can be managed if you really want to succeed in business. Please visit for more great business advice.

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