Creative ways to promote a product by giving something for free

Written By Steps To Faculty Published October 14th, 2010

These days everyone is trying to get something for nothing. This should not be a surprise given the dismal state of the economy. At the same time, consumers are seeking bargains and lower price items rather than experimenting with new brands. While starting your own business have you noticed fewer products on the shelves these days in major retail outlets and groceries? If so, you are not alone. Many small business owners have learned that just because you place your product on a shelf does not imply that consumers will purchase it. To improve lackluster sales, many small business owners are promoting their products by giving it away. Yes, giving it away. Find out why this is effective and how you can do the same to improve your sales.

Step 1 Get customers to try you out

Given the lack of income for many people, the only way to entice them to use your product or service is to give it to them. Arrange to prepare a sample for customers to use or try. Offer it common places that people are willing to consider, such as local grocery chains and busy shopping centers, like Wal-mart. If online, try and By offering a sample unit of your product, consumers can determine if you are worth using.

Step 2 Make a package

When offering your product to consumers you may need to entice them to try you out with more than your own product sample. The fact is that people are reluctant to venture into unchartered territory given their limited funds. Offer your product with another common product that some customers would be interested in. For example, If your product is a unique way to cook french fries, offer consumers a free small bottle of ketchup. By doing so, they will feel they are really getting a bargain and will be hooked on your products. This will help you gain a following.

Step 3 Bundle it up

The fact that you are giving away your product does not immediately imply that people will run and take it. Think about what you are giving away and how you can profit from it if you give it away. If it is a food item, do you have complementary items that can be given at a discount if you give away one. Another example is if you sell software. You can give away your software if you can offer upgrades at a cost. By doing so, those consumers who use your software will then buy from you because they have to get upgrades. In like manner, if they get a single food item, they will want to purchase other items. Lastly, if you offer a cleaning product, then customers will buy your other cleaning products or start buying your freebie.

Step 4 Connect to traffic

Sites such as Digg or popular blogs can help boost your chances of getting consumers to try your product. Find places that let you make a post or connect to heir site. By doing so, you have a back link, which consumers can connect to your site and get free samples and also purchase other products. You will also gain a steady flow of traffic and steady consumers.

Step 5 Go viral

When you offer your product or service for free, ask your takers to put it on your site blog. You can then viral this to other content that is popular right now and out there. Check copyrights before your proceed though. Not all sites let you use their content to viral your product information. Use the power of social networks to share the positive comments of customers who try your freebies and viral this all over the web. More consumers are sure to follows as well as the money.

Remember you have to give sometimes to receive. Please visit for more great business advice.

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