Quick Ways to Build Small Business Sales Leads

Written By Steps To Faculty Published October 14th, 2010

When you are starting your own business, an important asset is a sales lead. This is what fills your subscriber emailing list and allows you to make sales. The following are the six quickest ways to build sales leads for your company.

Step 1. Include an email subscription form on your website

This is also called an “opt in” form and allows your visitors to sign up for email notifications from you. In order for this method to succeed, you must offer them something in return for their email address. This could include a coupon or future notification of clearance or sale items. Make sure you place the form high on the page so visitors are not required to scroll down the page to see the opt in form.

Step 2. Utilize lead pages

These have one purpose and one alone—to offer an incentive, such as a few download, which visitors can receive by giving you their name and email address. Lead pages tend to have a high conversion rate, meaning many people who visit take action like you want them to. This is a quick way to build sales leads when starting your own business because all you do is set up the website and it begins to work for you.

Step 3. Promote your website using pay-per-click advertising

Google AdWords is a popular source for driving targeted traffic to your site. When people use search engines with certain keywords, your paid ad will be displayed in a place of prominence. Anyone who clicks on the link will be taken directly to your site’s landing page where they can sign up for email notifications.

Step 4. Establish a joint venture

Also known as a strategic alliance, this is where another company endorses yours and gets paid a commission for the sales that result from their back links. This is a great method when starting your own business because there is no risk and no speculation—you get more business because of back links and simply pay your partner when a sale is made.

Step 5. Get a place at a trade show

Show off your products and get more sales leads when starting your own business by asking people for their name and email address to be entered in a drawing to win a price. Be sure to ask for permission to add them to your emailing list.

Run ads in local newspapers or in magazines your target audience would read. Again, offer something tantalizing in return for their email address should they visit your site. Please visit stepsto.com for more great business advice.

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