Steps to Create Viral Traffic for Your Business

Written By Steps To Faculty Published October 14th, 2010

Viral traffic in a nutshell is “digital” word-of-mouth advertising that you can use after starting your own business. As you may know, word-of-mouth is one of the most valuable forms of advertising there is because it costs you nothing! If you want to learn six ways to create viral traffic for your business, then keep reading.

Step 1. Article writing

Marketing via articles has been around for a while, but it certainly is not outdated. Your goal should be to make your articles compelling so people will not only read and publish your content but follow the link to your site as well. Anchor text is also a useful tool to increase search engine rankings.

Step 2. Software

You can make use of viral marketing by either selling or giving away software for free. This, of course, is done in exchange for a name and email address to build your subscribers list up. After starting your own business, making people interested in your product is essential to creating traffic for your company.

Step 3. Tell-a-Friend Form

To benefit the most from this excellent viral marketing idea, use an actual “Friend Generator” program. When the friends they refer make a purchase, the person who referred them should be rewarded with something of value like free shipping on a product, $5 off, or something similar.

Step 4. Social Bookmarking

After starting your own business and getting an online presence, you should submit your website and blog to major social bookmarking sites. In exchange, you will benefit from increased website traffic. The traffic generated from this method may be less substantial, but you will also build good back links to your site and blog.

Step 5. Viral list building

Programs for viral list building will be very important to your after starting your own business. You will not only experience an increase in traffic to your site, you will also help other users of the program build their own lists. In turn, this also builds your number of subscribers! Everyone wants a part of win-win situations like this.

Similar to articles, but with a visual appeal, videos are known to generate tons of traffic for website owners that utilize them. After visiting sources like YouTube and other media sites, you know how videos can spread like wildfire. Plus, people are often intrigued by videos more than text, so if you can make a quality video about your business, get it posted and watch the traffic flow. Please visit for more great business advice.

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