Steps to Get Your Product Made Overseas

Written By Steps To Faculty Published October 14th, 2010

After creating a prototype of the product you would like manufactured and starting your own business, you need to complete the most difficult task in outsourcing, which is to find a promising manufacturer. From your office, it is difficult to know who is legitimate, and you may not have the money to visit overseas manufacturers. Therefore, you will surely find these six ways to get your product made overseas useful.

Step 1. Do your research

Before you give any money to anyone, you must figure out a reliable source that either will not go out of business after you give them the deposit or will not try to scam you. If you want to avoid the need to hop on a plane and fly around the world, you must turn to other reliable research sources that are accessible from where you are.

Step 2. Use the internet

Free manufacturer listing sites are available that can help you begin your research. Of course, while legitimate sources are listed, it is easy for anyone with a knack for computers to claim to be a manufacturer out of China when in reality they set up the website from their parent’s basement in Oklahoma. Simply put, be cautious.

Step 3. Talk to your competitors

Ask similar businesses to yours where they have their products manufactured. They may not be willing to disclose this information with you after starting your own business since you are now their competition, but it simply does not hurt to ask.

Step 4. Make use of your network

You know people and they know people, too. Ask around and see what you can find out about people who might be able to help make your product. A quick way to do this is to ask friends on social networking sites. Your acquaintances may refer you to someone who can help after starting your own business.

Step 5. Look in books or directories

Ten years ago, this was how people found manufacturers. While these are all but extinct, no fake listings will be in them. If you find a source online that looks promising, double check a directory to see if the name and contact information line up.

Some companies screen and approve certain manufacturers. If other resources fail, purchase a list of sources you know have been verified starting your own business so you can start contacting companies for outsourcing. This option will certainly save you time if you jump straight to it, and as you know, time is money. Please visit for more great business advice.

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