Steps to what you need to know to market successfully to Gen Y

Written By Steps To Faculty Published October 14th, 2010

Generation Y is a robust group of unique people who have tastes that are truly their own. Skeptical of tradition, Gen Yers prefer new products and services that cater to their needs. Considered the fifth best consumer segment, you cannot afford to miss marketing your products to this group that will give your product a try if they know about it. How do you reach them? read the following steps to learn about Gen Y and how to market to them.

Step 1 Google

Technologically savvy, this generation is the first to tweet on Twitter and the first to make updates on their Facebook pages. It is no wonder that the first place Gen Y goes when they want to learn about a new product is the top ranked search engine, Google.By participating in Google’s search engine marketing and pay per click opportunities you can reach this complex market more effectively than through television commercials or even radio announcements.

Step 2 Spread the word

Word of mouth is the next best way to get your product name out to the Generation Y target audience. Generation Y prefers to get the opinions of other Generation Y individuals. This group likes to get the first hand opinion of what others think and not rely on Oprah or other celebrities who are paid to push products. Nothing beats the real experience is the motto of Generation Y. What do others similar to them really think of any product? This is the first question that pops into their minds. When enough Gen Y individuals tell others about your good or service you will see your sales grow quickly. Once your product has the word of mouth seal of approval, then Gen Y is a loyal following. How do you reach this group through word of mouth? Try Tina Wells company called Buzz Marketing. Tina’s company hosts parties and even hires Gen Y to test products and them discuss the product with their friends. Her company was worked with the biggest names out there, including AT&T, Verizon, Wal-Mart, and QVC.

Step 3 Use humor

Funny captions and humorous ads attract the attention of this fickle generation. The Gen Y audience enjoys good comedy and tends to remember products that have either humorous names or hilarious commercials. Hire a comedian to help you with jingles at or if you are on a low budget for under $500 learn to write with humor in an online class offered by New York University (

Step 4 Be emotional

Gen Y is a hard to reach market segment because they do not read traditional newspapers or magazines or follow standard media outlets. Although they use the Internet frequently, this generation may like your brand and visit your web site, but may not buy your product. To hook them use human emotion to reach to their minds and souls. Something more needs to compel to them to want to be able to relate to you. For examples of excellent slogan that contain good emotion raising phrases, please visit

Step 5 Diversify

Gen Y is a nontraditional group that is culturally and socially diverse. To market to this group you also need to consider age and gender. Gen Y males think differently from Gen Y females. As a whole group Gen Y individuals change fashions and tastes overnight. Instead of focusing on the entire Gen Y audience, focus on a niche group according to age, geographic location, and gender. Specifically, a Gen Y male in California has vastly different tastes than a Gen Y female in New York. The good thing about Gen Y is that because they are diverse and more open minded they are willing to try new products rather than stick with trusted brand names. Visit your local community college and speak to a sociologist to get specific details about the spending patterns of Gen Y or visit

Remember Gen Y is one of the best market segments to grow your business since this generation is the most experimental. Please visit for more great business advice.

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