Grow Rich | Existing Customers Generate Cash Over and Over

Written By Gary Spirer Published November 18th, 2010

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To say hello and bring out a few basic points that are overlooked in marketing and sales, especially in today’s uncertain economic environment:

1. Think of your existing customers as your best prospects.

a. Often, you put in so much time and money into getting new customers that you forget your
existing customers.

b. Put some of your resources into getting repeat sales through upselling and cross-selling.

c. Stay in touch with your customers and get them used to buying from you, especially when you’ve
demonstrated that you are giving them superior value for the price.

2.  Remember, your customer base – your customer relationships – are your number one asset:

a. Constantly build rapport

b. Give them the best deals you can

c. Make sure they have preferential treatment – the best pricing

d. Comfort them after a purchase that they made a wise decision

Remember that it is not the size of your list as much as your relationship with them and how responsive they are to you.I will be giving you insights into what I have learned over 30 years of raising money for numerous companies; building their marketing and sales plans and executing many for my own companies.

Roger Due

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