Grow Rich | How to motivate buyers

Written By Steps To Faculty Published November 19th, 2010

One can grow rich if only he would learn how to properly determine and manipulate human emotions. Human beings are naturally driven by emotions. And if you do business, you should learn that your sales depend mainly on the customer’s emotion.

For all the things you do, there is always an emotion involved. Emotions can be positive or negative and you can use them for your advantage.

1.    Identify the  Emotions

There are seven positive and seven negative emotions and they are as  follows:

1.    Love and Fear
2.    Sex and Jealousy
3.    Hope and Hatred
4.    Faith and Hatred
5.    Enthusiasm and Greed
6.    Loyalty and Anger
7.    Desire and Superstition

One could really grow rich and succeed in the field of business taking advantage of the above mentioned emotions. One could persuade buyers taking into considerations these emotions. Buyers are naturally motivated if one could find that soft spot the customers have.

Also by making use of these emotions, one could simply grow rich as he could win over a deal; convince a business partner, a rich investor or a good supplier.

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