Starting Up A New Business | Continuity Program

Written By Steps To Faculty Published November 19th, 2010

If you are just starting up a new business you simply need to instill in the minds of your customers that it is not only to profit from them. To diminish the notion of money making, you keep the continuity program in the simplest and safest manner. Here is how you do it:

Step 1 – Rewards

When starting up a new business, never stir up customer’s suspicion by giving expensive rewards. In your desire to convince them with your continuity program offer inexpensive gifts instead. They would not try to dig up your intention why you are rewarding them.

Step 2 – Planned programs

In has been proven to be true, that when you are starting up a new business you must start with planned programs that are carefully thought and scrutinized. A perfect example would be giving gifts to workers having risky jobs that are of safety related. You can also have a comprehensive program giving rewards to them because they followed practices that are safe.

Step 3 – Customer Motivation

Encourage customers to earn more points with the program that you have created. Have it in a way that when they acquire points they can utilize it on an item or even acquire more points. Through this scheme, the customers will be more motivated and encouraged.

Step 4 – Give more points

To maintain customer’s determination to earn more points, you have to have more points. By rewarding the highest pointer, the customers will develop a sense of competition among them and crave for more points.

Step 5 – Be transparent

Allow your customers to check how much points they have garnered from time to time. Through this, they will not think that it is done to extract money from them. Always observe transparency to maintain their trust.

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