Starting Your Own Business | The Viral Effect of Article Submission

Written By Steps To Faculty Published November 19th, 2010

Are you starting your own business and finding it hard to bring traffic to your website? Worry no more. You need not exert much effort to be able to do so.

Step 1Submit an article to an article directory

When you are starting your own business and you need to do advertising without causing you a penny, all you have to do is write an article and submit it an article directory. Some directories allow you to post your article for free. With this you can create traffic to your website effortlessly. Simply, put a resource box at the last part of your article providing a link to your website.

Step 2 Let website owners do the advertising

The moment your article is posted on an article directory it would eventually follow that some website owners would pose that article to their websites. With this, they do the advertising for you.

It’s a very good avenue to advertise especially if you are starting your own business. You need not be a superb writer to do that. Write something that people might be interested to know or something that they may find useful. And as you write, you are also improving yourself. You become a little better every time.

Step 3 The foretold advantages it will bring

On the top of the list is that it is for free. Why would you spend if you can have it for free, right? Next, article submission has this powerful effect that could link you to many sites and advertise it to many people as much as possible. In addition, people will have this idea that you have an expertise in such field that would likely treat you like a guru, a trusted one. In that case, they have the inclination to purchase products you are selling, a very good side if you are doing business. And lastly, when you have written quite a number of articles already, you can actually compile it. You can either sell the compilation or just have it for free granting that they provide a link to your site.

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