Starting an Online Business | Publish an Ezine using an Autoresponder

Written By Steps To Faculty Published November 24th, 2010

An autoresponder is one of the highly utilized tools on the internet these days especially when you are starting an online business. It can be used in publishing as well as the distribution of ezine/newsletter. Starting an internet business with the aim to gain popularity for your website necessitates this tool.

The services of the autoresponder are usually set up to send immediate response to the people on the list a given intervals after signing up, having an autoresponder to send out an ezine can cause you to get confused a bit.

How to use an Autoresponder

Step 1 – Depending on the autoresponder you are using, a ‘broadcast’ feature will be needed. This feature is essential and works similarly as autoresponse feature, only with one huge difference – messages are not sent out at the intervals. However, these messages can be fixed with schedule to go out on a specific day with no bearing on if the subscriber is tot up to the mailing list. The broadcast messages are also called as ‘one time’ messages send only to the recent mailing list. There are people who make a sign up for the lists if the broadcast sent was not received unless it was requested specifically with the autoresponder address that you need to set up.

When you employ the broadcast feature in the autoresponder services, you have several options to choose from like typing the newsletter or copy and paste it to the editor. You can the select to send this broadcast to all in the mailing list. If the autoresponder services you are using are more advanced, it is also equipped with more broadcasting features.

Step 2 – One of the smartest ways to use an autoresponder is to maintain the mailing list and distribute the newsletter. It would be a lot easier for subscribers to opt-in or out with all of the distribution held for you according to the set schedule. It would be very difficult to maintain the list if you are not using an autoresponder that will provide automation. If you can, it would be best to write every issue of the newsletter or ezine in advanced to be delivered on the mailing list wherever you are and what you do. This is the convenience that automation can provide.

It would also be easy for you to turn back to your previous issues since the past broadcast and messages in autoresponse are saved. You can easily provide people with their request for issues in the past. It also includes a tracking feature in every issue of the newsletter to know the number of clicks that you will get for several products and websites you want to promote in ezine/newsletter.

Step 3 – In case you have not purchased an autoresponder yet or even signed up with this service, you have to make sure that you search for the broadcast features beforehand since not all of the autoresponders and services that you can find contain this feature and as marketing progresses. An autoresponder would surely be a big help when you are starting business online.

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