Small Business For Women | Integration of Autoresponders and Shopping Cart

Written By Steps To Faculty Published December 13th, 2010

Do you have a small business for women that sell a wide variety of products for the female population? If you do, then you probably encountered a lot of them placing orders into your website. With this, it is always a good idea to acknowledge the purchase immediately. An effective way to do this is using an autoresponder that can be integrated with the shopping cart. As a matter of fact, there are many shopping carts today that have built in autoresponders into their system.

When setting up an autoresponder to send message to someone placing an order, there are various things needed to be incorporated in the message. This could be your opportunity to interact to your customer to make them aware about the deals you offered or any special item available. This is something that you cannot afford to miss.

How to maximize your autoresponder

Step 1 – Avoid trying to get a ‘thank you’ sales message on similar autoresponder as the email receipt of the customer. It is not a good idea as well to place the sales message on the email sent automatically to give the customer access to their purchase, you rather go well with the receipt. You need to make sure that the thank you sales message is sent out all by itself in order for your customer to exclusively focus on that.

Part of having a successful small business for women is by giving thanks to your customers for the purchase they made. You should express your appreciation for their purchase and suggest them with your available products related to the one they had purchased. For example a pair of shoes that match well with the skirt purchased from you. It is important to let them know of the several products you are offering that will make a good compliment to their purchase.

Step 2 – An important part that you should not fail to do is not to let your customers get away without any means of contacting them. Take for instance the brick and mortar store. If you get to the counter to pay, you will find many other items for sale. These are the items means to be picked up as last minute purchase, also known as impulsive purchase. The thank you sales letter should also serve the same purpose.

Step 3 – Avoid bombarding your customer. There is nothing wrong in sending them information regarding your special offers after making a purchase through you. However, doing this on a daily business is not good for your business. It takes a lot of responsibility to use your autoresponder. Ensure that it is set up to carry automatic remove requests and the information you send them can be viewed valuable by them. If you can do this successful, your small business for women can be one of the biggest on the internet.

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