Stuxnet Saves Israel Trouble Of Iran Strike

Written By Gary Spirer Published December 16th, 2010

Close up of a gray  computer mouse

The computer virus is mightier than the sword.

According to Live Shots, the Stuxnet computer virus may have done more harm to Iran’s nuclear program than the worse of Israeli air strikes could have done. A German computer expert quoted in the Jerusalem Post stated that this virus will put Iran’s nuclear program back by two years.

Fox News reported that the “Stuxnet virus attacked the nuclear centrifuges at Iran’s main uranium site in Natanz and how Tehran is scrambling to fix the computers attacked by the virus.”

What does this mean for you and me?

Computer wars and the use of computer viruses is a growing phenomena. We’ve witnessed the same between the U.S. and China. We are seeing hacking from individuals and governments themselves.

For us, the Iranian result is positive. But, one a personal level, you must be very vigilant in protecting your computer and your data against viruses. For now, let’s applaud the fact that no one on either side lost any lives.

Roger Due

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