An Astonishing Red Gift For The Holiday

Written By Gary Spirer Published December 22nd, 2010

red and gold ribbon isolated on white

Red. It had that Apple iPhone red with which you are so familiar. But, there were no Macs or iPhones or iPads then.

It was a cold pewter gray wintry day in Woodmere, NY where my Grandpa Eddie and my Grandma Teresa, more Tillie to her friends, lived.

The Holiday dinner filled the smallest 50’s ranch house nestled on a side street among other quaint nondescript homes.

Nothing beat Grandma Tillie’s homemade chicken soup – a mash up of carrots, celery, parsnips and myriad other vegetables and spices. Brisket that you could cut with a butter knife needed time to reach its perfection.

Grandpa Eddie, my Mom’s dad, at 6’3″, towered over Grandma Tillie at 4’9″ in heels. I saw that mischievous glimmer in Grandpa Eddie’s eye when he had picked me up from my home in advance of my parents and sister coming over for the Holiday dinner. Grandpa Eddie and his house became my escape from the more prison-like, workaholic, atmosphere of my house.

You see, Grandpa Eddie made a fuss over me. I really mattered. It was more than being loved. It was being recognized. Grandpa Eddie made my day. He loved to tell stories, fables and jokes. With Grandpa Eddie, life could be fun. Laughter seemed natural – a true lightness of being.

Grandpa Eddie seemed energized that day as he pointed toward the enclosed small sun room at the back of his house.

Grandma Tillie had greeted me at the door and trailed behind us.

Grandpa Eddie led me through the dining room with the long dining room table already set for the Holiday dinner. He opened the glass-paned door covered by a sheer curtain shade over gold bars. He pointed for me to go into the sun room ahead of him.

Red. Gleaming apple red. A beauty shimmering in the reflection of a shaft of sunlight that suddenly broke through the pall-like sky. My first bike. A Schwinn. I remember Grandpa selling me on all the features and benefits as he hoisted me up for my first imaginary test drive.

Sleek. A work of art. A coming of age. But, most of all, as I reflect, a great memory where heaven and earth come together.

Those were quieter times without the computers, the internet, the smart phones, the endless images, overwhelm of information and the racing to unclear destinations.

I hugged Grandpa Eddie and my Grandma Tillie. Total connection. Not the phony connections so often experienced on Twitter, Facebook and other “friend” sites.

No. You can turn the clock back. But, during these holidays, take time to reflect on your Red Gift days. They are the true measurement of your life – not the size of your bank account or the number of unique visitors, your opt-in percentage or your conversion rate.

To great Holiday memories.

Roger Due

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