Tune In: Essential Entrepreneur Podcasts

Written By Kaisa Kokkonen Published January 2nd, 2011

I have a friend who says he is listening to something almost any given day while he works, whether it be talk radio or something else entirely.

He claims there is a selection of podcasts that enhance his professional growth. He has chosen to listen to several podcasts that focus to some extent on small business issues and I thought I’d share his thoughts and choices with you today.

Step 1: The most popular way to do this is by using Apple’s free iTunes program.

Go to the iTunes Store section of the program and search for the names of these podcasts. You can download and listen to them for free. My friend has created his own business radio station.

Wall Street Journal on Small Business has detailed coverage of current events affecting entrepreneurs. Some consider it slightly conservative (so is the WSJ as a whole, but they are good anyways), but he said that generally the advice offered to businesses is sound.

Small Business Trends, offers up a vast collection of ideas and perspectives on management, coupled with a strong technology bent. If you’re interested in how to integrate the changing technology into the day to day activities of your business, this podcast is a must-listen podcast. Many of the contributors also work with OpenForum.

Automate My Small Business gives its listeners advice on techniques for automating specific aspects of their businesses, from daily marketing queries to office management tasks. My friend said that he thinks he got the best workable ideas from this podcast that directly helped his businesses.

Marketplace is considered a one-stop-shop for business news and advice. What is it then?? A re-airing of Marketplace, a radio program from American Public Media broadcast on many NPR stations across the United States.

Step 2: However, search for audio programming at iTunes U (again, search for these in the iTunes Store).

There are audio collections (not podcasts per se) of lectures from business schools. Some of these make for very good listening as you’re working or driving.

Step 3: A few great business podcasts:

Building a Business – Oxford University:
What it really takes to get a small business – or a large one – off the ground and rolling forward. Oxford is famous for a reason; well worth listening to.

Yale Entrepreneurial Institute:
This program was started by Yale students and graduates to help Yale students start scalable businesses. Brilliant! Note: this is clearly aimed for businesses that can grow long term.

Small Business Management – Southern Institute of Technology:
A series of discussions with businesspeople (from both large and small businesses) on what it really takes to make a small business work.

You can use any audio programs much like a radio station. You could burn CDs of them or take an MP3 player full of these programs with you wherever you are, letting the ideas float into your mind. Learning is essential for any entrepreneur.

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