5 Steps to Double Your Sales in 2011 via Internet Marketing

Written By Kaisa Kokkonen Published January 3rd, 2011

Step 1) Teach What You Know – Not What You Want To Know
Are you very secretive of your industry secrets? Try to share everything you know! You will be suprised.

Share your secrets on Facebook, Twitter, and forums. Post it on your blog and email it to your contacts, prospects, and clients. You’re on the right track if you feel like you’re giving away too much.

“If I give away all my secrets, then no one will want to hire me,” you fear. You know the reality is people will see that you really know your stuff but won’t have the time or desire to do it themselves, so they’ll hire you to do it for them.

Let’s say that you prepare taxes for real estate business owners. I hate doing taxes for my real estate businesses. So when I come across your post “7 Tips To Save Money on Your Real Estate Taxes”, I’ll read it and then I’ll ask you to do my real estate taxes because I know you can save me money. I also don’t want to do them myself.

Step 2) Read Your Own Blog and Learn from It

Do you review your blog posts to see which posts are getting the most re-tweets or comments? You should. Go through your posts every week and take notes about what worked and what didn’t. If you don’t know your audience and what they liked in the past, you won’t be able to create something that they’re going to like in the future. Simple but so true.

Step 3) How Is Your Indirect Competition?

Reviewing the real estate tax expert example, on your website you’ll want to tell the readers why you are better than any other tax expert, and that’s great. However, you could and should talk about all of your indirect competition, which are all of the ways the reader can solve the same problem using approaches that don’t involve your service. For example, you’ll also want to tell the reader:

•Why working with you is a better option than doing it himself.
•Why working with you is better than having tax preparation software do the work for him.
•Why doing his taxes is better than not doing them (yes, some people actually are stupid enough to think that is an option. Recall Al Capone – the IRS always gets you)

Your direct competitors are hardly the only ones you’re competing against.

Step 4) Build a Facebook Page

Most of us already have a Facebook profile (individuals). However, you should also have a Facebook page for your business. Here’s why:

•You can only have 5,000 friends under your profile; you can have unlimited fans for your page. Some of us have had serious issues with that.
•Facebook pages get indexed by the search engines and you may even get links back to your site.
•Fan Pages allow you to have an opt-in box so people can subscribe to your newsletter or get a free report.
•Fan Pages allow you to send an update to all your fans all at once.

Step 5) Partner with facebook Group Administrators

Let’s go back to the real estate tax expert example again. It’s April 1st (or March 1 for businesses) and people know they need to do their taxes by the 15th. Take a look at some Facebook group for entrepreneurs:

Do you think that from these thousands of entrepreneurs at least a few of them will need their real estate taxes done? If you offer the administrator of the group a commission for every person that hired you plus a small fee for sending the email, he might mail to his group for you! Pretty sure he would as he would help them out by doing os.

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