Give Me My Manual – That’s ALL I Want!

Written By Kaisa Kokkonen Published January 3rd, 2011

The holiday season brings many of us technical problems that we must deal with. When you want to buy something online you many times would prefer to read the manual before you buy this gadget.

The other major frustration is at least for me when I can’t find the stupid manual and now I need to figure out whether is is online. A company called Retrevo has come to the rescue by compiling a database of manuals.

Here’s is a partial list of what Retrevo has done so far:

1. Cell phones
2. Laptops
3. Televisions
4. Digital cameras
5. Printers
6. Vacuums
7. GPS units
8. Blenders

I have a friend who has iPad that he doesn’t use – he is not quite sure how. You can find the iPad manual on Apple’s site. Read the iPad Manual here

In fact, this company Retrevo covers more than these major product categories. It has well over 100,000 manuals in its database. You can access Retrevo’s vast manual collection HERE. Retrevo’s site is much easier to navigate than most consumer-electronic companies’, so you’ll save lots of time when you need to get a manual and can get right back to running your business.

You are enable to store the Retrevo manuals you have downloaded “in the cloud” for access from a computer anywhere. The more techy ones of you may choose to dump all your manuals into Evernote. Using the Evernote desktop, iPhone, and iPad apps, you’ll have local access to your manuals whenever you need them. That is very convenient if you travel a lot and need the manual for example for your digital camera or laptop available.

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