Raise Capital | How to Earn Money from Your Blog

Written By Steps To Faculty Published January 4th, 2011

You can earn money from your blog and save enough to be able to raise capital. You can make your blog profitable by following these simple steps.

Step 1. You need to get to know your market

Earning and saving money in order to raise capital can be achieved through your blog. The most crucial thing to do is getting to know your target market. This should be done in a way so subtle to be able to get genuine information from your respondents. An interactive site can be utilized in this case. Questionnaires of some sort can be used just to obtain desirable answers to your query. Know your readers well, their wants and also the things that they disapprove. Equipped with this kind of information, then it is time for you to set up ad links and Google Adsense Ads that would let your readers be connected to products that they need. Furthermore, you can even go to the extent of displaying products on your blog.

Step 2. You need to have an interactive website

It is also very important to hear what your readers have to say. You need their feed backs so as to help you improve your blog. In business, the customers are the blood that keeps it going so what they say is of utmost important. Social networking sites can also be of use to attract prospective customers.

Step 3. You can generate money from a blog

You can bring forth financial gain from a website according to Steve Pavlina through the following: It could be Google Adsense ads, or through donations, or through text link ads like Chitika eMiniMalls ads, or through Link a Share or Amazon or simply one can sell to advertisers. It would also be possible to make your own supporters database, where you offer extra materials and benefits which they can acquire for a fee.

To top it all, it is indeed very reasonable doing something you are very passionate about while earning at the same time and saving enough to raise capital for a business venture

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