Donald Trump For President In 2012?

Written By Dani Published January 11th, 2011

Will Donald Trump go from “You’re fired” to “You’re hired” in 2012’s Presidential election?

The word is that Donald Trump is flirting with the idea of running for President in the next election. Recently, Trump has been hitting the Television and radio waves giving rather candid interviews on what he would do to save America from a demoralizing government leadership and from being the “whipping post of the world.”

Step 1: Last night, I turned on my radio and tuned into 710AM to listen to Michael Savage interview Donald Trump on Savage’s popular, long-running radio show, The Savage Nation. I was circumspect at first. Was “The Donald”, with his trademark hairstyle just doing this for publicity? Instead, what I heard was a very patriotic and very concerned, savvy businessman who knows that America’s only hope may need to come from outside either political party – neither Democrat nor Republican seems up to the task.

Step 2: Trump, who spoke with great admiration for the US navy fleet and our troops, spoke impassionedly to the listeners about the great threat he sees from China and their manipulation of their currency and how he can’t believe the US is letting this go on without any repercussions. He also spoke to the crazy deals Obama has been sigining with other countries, for example, trade agreements with South Korea and the STAR treaty with Russia. He states strongly, why is the US signing a trade agreement that does nothing for the US and benefits entirely the South Koreans, who are actually a wealthier country than the US, and then we use our military to defend them against the North Koreans without any payment. Trump also spoke to the insanity of the treaty Obama is signing with Russia that basically neuters our military, allowing Russia to tell the US when and what they can build for our military. As well, Trump pointed out the mess that is NAFTA and, secondly, the great threat we are facing from China due to their manipulation of their currency which makes it impossible for the US to compete – again, nothing is done about this from the US government!

Step 3: In another interview of Trump by Lloyd Grove of The Daily Beast[1], Trump says:
“China gets away with manipulating their currency and stealing all our jobs…I have dinner with and know many Chinese businesspeople, and they cannot believe what they’re getting away with. They tell me this. Now…they didn’t know that I’d be thinking about running for president.

“I think we should tax Chinese products until such time as it equalizes… I’m a protectionist when another country is making hundreds of billions of dollars a year of essentially profit off the United States….[Obama] shouldn’t be having dinner with Hu. Obama should say, ‘Before we have our dinner, I want you to straighten out the mess.’

“Excuse me, there’s another example. They haven’t done anything with respect for North Korea. They can solve the North Korean problem with a phone call…They [South Korea] only signed a [trade] treaty when they needed our help—even though it was a one-sided treaty in their favor…They only sign when the bombs start getting lobbed onto them and we start sending our aircraft carriers to protect them… It’s absolutely ridiculous. Why are we protecting them? They’re making hundreds of billions of dollars off the United States yearly. Why aren’t they paying us for protection?”

Then Trump lambasts OPEC. “Somebody’s got to speak to OPEC in the strongest of language,” Trump says, “because you cannot have an economic recovery if every time the country starts doing better, they raise the price of oil. That’s like raising interest rates. That’s the ultimate deterrent.”

“If he were President, Trump says he would just tell the oil cartel that they aren’t going to raise prices “and they would listen… We have tremendous leverage. OPEC wouldn’t even be there if it wasn’t for us. Namely, we protect them.”

Step 4: So, will Trump run for President in 2012?

For all of you are curious whether Donal Trump will affirm that he is indeed going to make a run for the Oval Office in 2012, Trump says he can’t officially say he is, that is if he decides to run, until season 11 of “The Apprentice” is over in June of this year as, otherwise, every candidate would need to be allowed to have 2 hours a week of Television time.

Trump, in my opinion, “You’re hired!”

[1] The Daily Beast interview of Trump

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