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Written By Steps To Faculty Published January 12th, 2011

Using WordPress in your blog exposes your business to even greater doors of endless opportunities thereby giving you a way to raise capital for expansion there are six of top widgets that are the hottest today and decide which one will best serve your purpose.

Step 1 Top Commentators widget: way to a larger community

It is essential to establish a good aura of a community and this could be attained by listing the most operational users in your site. This widget will allow you to create a larger community since the top commentators will be the one who will make it work.

Step 2 The Pandora Widget: way to let your blog have a personality.

A pleasant audio recording will absolutely let your blog grow a personality of its own. Have this from Pandora, an online radio station which is free. Through it you can chose your preferred music for your blog.

Step 3 The Twitter widget: way to public cognizance

Through the Twitter sidebar, your blog will show your new tweets and at the same time give your blog visitors something that would keep them interested. It would be very convenient to make it known to the public through the popular social networking site like Twitter.

Step 4 Events Calendar widget: way to update customers on upcoming events

Events Calendar will appear as a sidebar. It would be necessary to inform the customers of its related activities such as sales, dates of release, and other small yet significant information about the business.

Step 5 This Day on Wikipedia widget: way to popular information site

For readers with great interest in historic events and general knowledge this widget can be very   helpful. It would allow them to acquire significant facts about that certain day.

Step 6 The Progress Bar widget can also be used to keep track on the progress you have made on a certain field chosen. It would be a means to let your viewers know how things are faring so far if like for instance you are having a fund raising.

If your blog have these widgets there is a big probability that your blog will have more visitors and more visitors would mean more potential for sales. When there are more sales it would mean more earnings and therefore you can raise capital for either a new business or an expansion.

To raise capital is not that hard as long as you have the ways and the determination to do it.

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