On Entrepreneurship | Tips to avoid Awful First Impression

Written By Steps To Faculty Published January 18th, 2011

It is a fact that CEO’s is one of the busiest people in the world and just like computers there are somewhat like programmed by all their meetings and duties. If you are embarking on entrepreneurship you ensure that you always have to appear as good and excellent as you are to in order for you to avoid awful first impression.  The following are tips or steps on how to avoid it.

Step 1 before the meeting has you homework done and as much as possible does every means to narrow your searching regarding industries, leading companies and most popular and intelligent CEO’s. Meet and ask people who are close or has contact with them so that when you are going to have a meeting on a particular CEO no time would be wasted in a nonsense conversation but instead a worthy one especially if  you are focusing on entrepreneurship.

Step 2
Your wants and your objectives must be clear and specified such as why did you exactly want this meeting to happen and explain well to the CEO what you want and how does an CEO can help you in your plans on entrepreneurship.

Step 3
Think and realize as if you are the CEO. In this case, you can imagine and consider things like why would you want to have meeting  with them, how can you make it somehow entertaining that you your self wont be bored. Additionally, make the conversation educational and appreciative. This will help your new business a lot and to your self as well.

Step 4 Way to go is easy and never even ask for a call or email a CEO for them this act is very informal and unprofessional.

Step 5
Perseverance and determination is very significant in the world of business. Never continue the conversation if the person you’re talking to isn’t interested at all. A worthy conversation is a must if you are pursuing a worthy goal as well.

Step 6 Always start at the bottom. If possible talk to people who are already a part of an industry or company that you think can help your business. These are the person who knows a lot and has experience in this and industry.

Step 7
if you ever have the plan in talking or a meeting then always be prepared. Give an impression that you are knowledgeable regarding their company or industry.

Step 8 make your meeting short, and you can do it if you send them a list of questions that serves as your agenda.

Step 9
Ask personal questions .Your main goal is to establish a relationship. Just like for example asking on how they became successful, or do they commit mistakes along their endeavor? Be genuine and valid all the time.
Step 10 Have an attitude of giving your self without being asked for this is a sign of maturity in their opinion. In addition to it let the CEO knows how your conversation or meeting helps you on your plans to be part on entrepreneurship industry.

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