Get Money for the Company through Intellectual Property

Written By Steps To Faculty Published January 28th, 2011

To be able to get money for the company, it is a must to secure the business’ intellectual property. Intellectual property allows the company an exclusive right and ownership towards creative, original ideas and concepts that proves to be useful and advantageous on entrepreneurship.

Step 1.Have a Patent on Your Invention

Having your intellectual invention patented prohibits any other company or person to use such for a span of twenty years. Through this, the company will able to get money for itself for the novel creation that will be used to market products.

Step 2. Have a distinguishing mark or trademark

A distinguishing mark will allow the company to have a brand on its own thus marking a difference from other competitors. This is termed as trademark in the business world. The trademark of the company can include its logo, color of preference or maybe a certain distinguishing fragrance. Originally, trademarks are licensed to be used for about ten years by the owner.

Step 3.Protect your work with copyright

Literary pieces such as poems, stories and novels, musical pieces must be protected by copyright. Copyright gives the sole authority to the author of the intellectual idea to publish, revise, reproduce modify or execute. No person is allowed to imitate or alter the said work of the author without his permission. Also, the said work is not allowed to be presented in public without paying the author for its copyright. This is way; the author is able to make money.

Step 4. Maintain Information Disclosed

As a rule, never allow any important information be disclosed to the public. This way, the company is able to keep its techniques, ways and tactics only within the company’s close doors. Letting the public know the company’s top information will only make it vulnerable to competition and downfall.

Step 5.Be ethical

Be respectful to work ethics on ownership of others. This way, the company can spare itself from lawsuits and other complications. It must be remembered that although intellectual property is a way to get money for the company yet always learn to view others to have the same privilege and right.

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