Get Money for Yourself from Purchase Protection Insurance

Written By Steps To Faculty Published January 28th, 2011

Little do many credit card holders know that they can actually get money for themselves if they are able to avail on purchase protection insurance? The mentioned insurance is offered by credit card companies to their card holders. Most often than not, the insurance is offered for free or you may need to pay a little amount to be able to avail. The insurance will then entitle you for a refund in case the certain item you have purchased using credit card will be lost, damaged or was stolen.

Step 1.Notice the Time period of the Warranty

The Purchase Protection Insurance serves as a warranty for your purchased item. However, it is not a lifelong warranty. Mostly, the warranty for the item is limited to 3 months only from the day of purchase or depending on the time period set by the terms and conditions.

Step 2.Notice the Amount of the Item

Private equities like credit card companies will hand you a refund for the certain item in cases it is lost, stolen or damaged. This is a way to get money for yourself out of your investment. However, not all items are eligible. Only those items that are worth according to the agreement are eligible.

Step 3.Notice the Terms and Condition of the Agreement

To determine whether you can get money for yourself for a certain item lost, damaged or stolen, you must notice the terms and conditions set by the agreement. In reality, if your item is not eligible for the purchase protection insurance then it follows that you will get nothing from your credit card company. In case, there are certain points and areas in the agreement that are unclear to you then the best thing to do is hear a word from the credit card company.

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