What Keeps You Up at Night

Written By Gary Spirer Published January 30th, 2011

Do you awaken early and twist and turn about money,
your company, who to believe and what to do next?

For many today, money has dried up and people
doing what they say they will do is rare.

When you get up and have these thoughts, you
should realize that this is very common.

You are not the one one.

What do you do?

I don’t try to go back to sleep. I understand
I’m trying to find a solution.

What I do understand is that I cannot let
people control. me.

I weigh the worst that can happen. Should
I get out and cut my losses?

Should I be  direct with the person who is not performing?
If they have demonstrated they are untrustworthy
and/or incompetent, who else can do the job?

Money is often hard to make and even harder
to keep.

You must keep constant vigilance on what really
keeps you up. Because it’s an indicator of your

Now, most problems resolve themselves when
you can define them and believe you can resolve

More often than not, the main problem lies with you.

What keeps you up at night often is of your own
choices – not – always – but most of the time.

You will find its often the same patterns from
the part being repeated.

Write down all your problems and obstacles.
Turn your problem into a solution statement
I need sales.

Sales will come when I communicate what
I have more clearly, concentrate on selling
one thing well and make it easy for people
to transact with me.

Tell yourself you will put in the time other
successes by understanding they had
similar struggles and how they dealt with them.

What’s keeping you up at night can be very

The key is to assess yourself and your
circumstances and take action.

Step back, but then always move forward.
Things happen that turn in your favor when
you determine you will succeed no matter what.

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To Your Success,

Gary Spirer

Roger Due

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