What The Entrepreneurial Mindset Is Like

Written By Gary Spirer Published March 22nd, 2011

The Entrepreneurial Mindset – resourcefulness – is a key to achievement in life and business.

Whether you are housewife: have a career as well; run a business, or attempt any vocation or avocation, you need to possess a flexible, adaptable, resourceful way of viewing the world, change and risk. The Entrepreneurial Mindset draws upon core nature. Uncertainty is a way of life. There is strength and security in being unique. Also there is strength and security in joining with others and having their support and input.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset uses concepts of personal, financial, operating, and other people’s leverage so often they become second nature.

Leverage creates multiples. Wealth creation is based on explicit or implied compounding or multiples—meaning achieving very high rates of return relative to periods of time. The greater the bases of assets compounding at higher rates of return, the greater multiple of cash flow or net earnings will be paid for that asset. High multiples imply great demand for some person (performer), product, or service. Money is the predominant exchange medium for perceived value.

How you communicate and relate is at the heart of marketing and distribution.

Since marketing and distribution are necessary to attract and fulfill demand (and create multiples), personal communication and social skills will increasingly separate winners and losers. Positive attitude and Entrepreneurial Mindset differentiate superstars the average and the wannabes. Most superstars are great communicators and most have the necessary social skills for their areas of expertise. Many times talented people get no where because they are technically brilliant but lack the Entrepreneurial Vision resourcefulness and positive attitude.

Entrepreneurs can achieve great sums of money.

But, what makes for life success for the Entrepreneur is integrity and a positive attitude spiritual grounding and meaning. Often, we see talented people screw up their lives because they are not honest with themselves or others. They get far on their talents but lack a positive attitude or a spiritual sense of life. Even worse, they cannot find meaning in their lives. They may be Entrepreneurially talented and be skilled at moving resources but they are not resourceful in their lives.

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