Importance Of Resourcefulness In Evaluating Investments

Written By Gary Spirer Published March 25th, 2011

Resourcefulness. Every entrepreneur that I have backed or observed or read about who is successful finds ways to be resourceful

Resourcefulness is finding “the needle in the haystack”—the resources to make some thing, event, relationship happen or not when the odds seem so stacked against the outcome. Stories, suspense, time, the unknown all ask the question: Will the person(s)—even God—bring the resources to “snare the victory from the jaws of defeat”? There are always problems, and if you’re not resourceful and you’re not flexible, you will not survive and thrive in today’s world. Events and people change too rapidly.

The resourcefulness corollary is the principle that probably separates the successful from non-successful people: The ability to handle the negative

You’re constantly confronted with negatives that you either accept or turn around. Many times there’s no one answer, no rulebook. You are on your own. Give in, comply, in a way that diminishes your inner, true, or core being, and you have bowed to defeat or shame or guilt. You may not find an immediate solution, but you have to keep going until you find one. You have to keep seeking solutions, self-discovery, self-enlightenment, guidelines, other people’s support, natural events, even when you feel that you basically have exhausted your resources. Something or something will appear. When you are ready, they will appear.

Roger Due

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