The Importance Of Keeping On

Written By Gary Spirer Published April 1st, 2011

This is an analogy between somebody who’s a sprinter and somebody who’s a marathoner

People ask a sprinter, “What was your time?” A marathoner, what do you ask? “Did you finish?” That’s basically what business and life is—did you finish? There are some great gushes in life, but consistent effort (a corollary) is typically rewarded and admired. What makes an amateur, a professional (success), and a top professional (success) is the ability to produce a consistent, high-level, quality effort. People rarely care about all your good intent, unfortunately. They want to know what the results are; so don’t emphasize, tell, or sell people on all your good intent unless motive is at issue. Sell them results: intent plus effort. It’s that extra effort, the high energy level, the willingness to go the extra mile, that makes the difference.

Added value, quality service/product, are the result of attention to significant detail, an awareness, and concerted effort to deliver the desired result (while enjoying the process and the challenge). You can win a race by just being one step ahead. As long as you’re one step ahead, you’re ahead. I repeat: A high positive energy level, well directed and focused, is a key element for success.


No matter what happens, I always adhere to this principle: Keep going forward, no matter how bad it seems, no matter what’s going on. If you keep going forward, you have a chance. If you view life as a number of at-bats, the more at-bats you get, the greater your opportunity. Everybody knows that Babe Ruth Reggie Jackson, Mickey Mantle had the most strikeouts, but they also were I the top homerun hitters. Perseverance is consistent effort no matter what pitches life throws at you. You need to pick yourself up with the support of others and try and try again. This is your journey. Do not give up. Do not survive. Thrive. Add value, however small at first it may seem. Help yourself and you will help someone else. The simplest gestures can be very powerful and give us faith and hope.

Note: Keep moving forward even if you have to step back first & reflect.

Roger Due

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