The Importance Of Commitment And Maintaining Partnerships

Written By Gary Spirer Published April 13th, 2011

Commitment. The ability to make a commitment is critical to success

It is very difficult for people to do. It is rooted in trust and faith. The pain of separation, of separating, negative emotions and programming by others and tragic events to you or others that affect or have affected you deeply push and pull you away from a sense of commitment (and, where appropriate, intimacy). You could be married for 20 years but emotionally you never made the commitment. You have “one foot in and one foot out.” There may be something or someone better. A better story. A release from your inner self – imprisonment.

Lack of commitment destroys many relationships

It’s one foot in and one foot out. Maybe the grass will be greener. But if you want to build your business and/or your relationship, you need to make a total commitment. Total commitment is an act of genuine giving, of having flexibility, being pliant and yielding. Sharing to build a strong foundation and ongoing relationship. Business and people relationships fail based on a lack of mutual commitment. People too readily blame one another. They lack the willingness to struggle and bond on a deep, meaningful level.

You need to have committed partners and partnerships. Without them, when there’s an opening, they’re going to take advantage. A key ingredient in business or personal relationships are loyal partners. You can succeed without loyal partners, but the stress of constantly being on guard is painful and stressful. Usually, over time you can lose your money, your investment, your time, your health. Partners contract “convenient amnesia”: What did you do for me today?” “But I just kept you in business or did this or that” or “I supported you during your worst nightmare times.” “But that was yesterday,” they say. “What did you do for me today?”


The ability to maintain a partnership with yourself and others, the corollary to commitment is partnership-ability. Some people are long rangers, loners. People become objects to be manipulated to achieve their agenda; to them is the goal – the more reliable partner. Money can work for you every day in the bank or in investments and not answer back. People add complications bring pain and take up time.

With acceleration of information, the crime rate, lawyers sowing doubt, modern life uncertainty has created an atmosphere of distrust and fear of commitment. Agreements today have terms similar to prenuptial clauses. People and money come together so fast at times that the focus is on divorce. What if? How do we get out? Who owns what? Buy – sell agreements. Death, bankruptcy, criminal conviction, causes that terminate partnerships. Tremendous money, negotiating, time, anguish are spelled out in documents. The documents rule.

But, ironically, with all the supposed protections, an old saying still stands: “The documents are as good as the people.”

Commitment, loyalty, and partnerships are core elements of success as well as failure. I endured three partners who controlled a board of director’s vote to protect themselves to the detriment of the company. They were dishonest and incompetent. They were loyal to their own self-preservation but not loyal or committed to the shareholders—investors who had backed them. In a sense, a small partnership hurt a larger “partnership”—the investors. Here, lack of integrity and desire for power and money ruled rather than hire competent people. In the end, the tree partners virtually bankrupted themselves and the company. Everyone was hurt.

People, individuals companies, political factions countries bloc. All have agendas – underlying actions – agendas can be lethal to relationships. Commitment to an agenda can lead to deceit: in authenticity, and much pain. Some people’s agendas are compulsions – that cannot help themselves.

Roger Due

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